PTO Housing

PTO Housing

A PTO (Power Take Off) is a mechanism usually seated on the flywheel housing, which transfers power from the driveline (engine) to a secondary application.

The Challenge:

In most cases, this power transfer applies to a secondary shaft that drives a hydraulic pump, generator, air compressor, pneumatic blower, or vacuum pump. Power take offs allow mobile crushing plants, road milling machines, and other vehicles to perform secondary functions without the need for an additional engine to power them.

Overtime the outputs for these secondary applications wear and need refurbishing with new shaft, bearings etc. The skill/challenge is to reclaim these bores accurately to the driveline input (single datum).

What we did:


Set the housing on one of our horizontal borers ensuring absolute horizontal & vertical alignment.



Bored out all existing secondary outputs in the housing to dimensions and positions as specified by our client (bearings mount in these positions).



Machined out all matching bores to the covers that coincide with each output.



Manufactured new sleeves for each bore in the housing and covers being refurbished.

What we did:


Fitted the new sleeves into the output positions in the housings and covers.



Final machined the sleeves to the correct internal dimensions ready to accept new bearings.



QC of bore positions is carried out at every stage and final bore ID’s before removal from machine.

Note: The housing remains on the machine throughout the process to ensure all bores are accurate to a single datum on the housing ensuring accuracy between all output positions relative to the datum.

The Results:

The housing is returned to the client with refurbished (reclaimed) bores ready for fitting of bearings and shafts.