Playground Fountain Pump Manifold

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Playground Fountain Pump Manifold

Prime Engineering recently underwent a job a little out of the ordinary. We were excited when a client approached us to create a pump manifold for a children’s playground fountain. But it wasn’t an excuse for all play, no work!

The Splash Pad

Playground fountains, sometimes called ‘splash pads’ are the bee’s knees of any play area. They’re cropping up in parks, public squares and urban ‘beaches’ and are a great alternative to shallow pools. Splash pads are recreational areas where water is ejected upwards from the ground, often intermittently and at multiple points. The water is drained off and recycled again. There is little-to-no standing water, so lifeguards are not needed for supervision, and surfaces are almost always non-slip so that the kids can play without fear of injury.

Alternative Water Play

Splash pads are becoming increasingly popular in Australian public spaces. They allow kids to simultaneously cool off and play, without the stress that some children feel when learning to swim. They’re particularly beneficial in getting kids used to water before swimming lessons begin. Interaction with water is part of every little Aussie battler’s education, after all, so beginning with a fun activity such as this is a positive first step!

The Challenge:

The client asked us to manufacture a sturdy pump manifold for a playground fountain. The welding needed to be able to withstand high-pressure water, so it was particularly important that the job was carried out with precision. The pump itself would eject water through PVC pipes, controlled by solenoid valves via a plc. The water would spurt from the ground, creating a children’s splash pad and water play area.

What we did:


We fabricated and welded the stainless steel 316 manifold section.


We pressure tested all of the welds to ensure they would withstand the force of the ejecting water.


PVC pipe connections and valves were then added as per the client’s specifications.


The solenoid valves were then attached to the top of the PVC pipes to control the sequence of jets of water via a plc.

The Results:

The underpinnings of a fun playground fountain for children to enjoy!