Machining Blow Out Protector & Annular

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Machining Blow Out Protector & Annular

The Prime Engineering team has solutions for problems across various industries. One of our latest jobs had us repair two faces of a blow out protector device (BOP). While this may have been a simple machining job, any kind of slip up could have grave consequences for the client since the specialised valve is an instrumental safety feature in oil and gas extraction. Luckily Prime prides itself on perfecting the job each time, so we knew we were the team for the job.


The Challenge:

The Prime engineers had to pre-machine two faces of the blow out protector and its annular where seals were located. The faces on the BOP had corroded, and the seal grove on the annular required pad welding. Pad welding is suitable for the repair of part suffering wear and tear damage or deterioration. It involves applying metallic coatings where a characteristic feature is the remelting of the substrate material on which the padding weld has been deposited.

Due to the high standard required to ensure this component does not fail when it is most needed, i.e., preventing a blowout, Prime Engineering did not have the correct welding codes and procedures to undertake the welding on this job. Working with our client, it was decided to outsource this job to welding experts.

Following pad welding, we machined the padding weld back to the client’s specified dimensions and tolerances, ready for reassembly.

What we did:


Set both components in turn on our borers and removed the specified amount of material (pre-machining).


Passed the BOP to the welding company for pad welding and component stress relieving.


Final machining of the BOP pad welded faces to bring them back to the specified finished dimensions.



Final machining of the annular pad welded face and seal grove to bring it back to the specified finished dimensions.


The Results:

Our BOP repair went without a hitch. We called in the right experts to assist implement our vision and returned the components just as the client requested. All machining was completed as specified by the client. We returned to the client for them to continue the refurbishment process.