Our client had the job of refurbishing a Voith vacuum pump which had seen many years of service and was starting to look a little worse for wear.

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The Challenge:

The pump body casing was severely eroded at both ends, inside the flange faces; not ideal for operational purposes! The center vane had also eroded all the way through the casing at the position where it tapered off internally.

Prime was called upon to oversee all the fabrication and machining aspects of the refurbishment. This meant the careful process of removing and replacing the eroded sections. We set to work performing large-scale mechanical surgery on our patient.

What we did:


Firstly, we bored the internal diameters of the flanges at each end of the casing body to remove all the corrosion and to allow stainless-steel lining rings to be fitted.


We then fitted the stainless-steel lining rings inside the flanges and bored them back to the correct diameter as well as facing them off to match the existing flange faces.


To tackle the eroded vane and perforation in the casing body, we machined back the vane to remove all erosion. We made a neat pocket through the casing body where it had perforated to again totally remove any eroded material.


We then manufactured a new vane section that could be fitted to the inside and fixed on the outside by way of various stepped pockets and sealing compound.


Finally, to improve how the casing end covers fitted, we machined the casing cover spigots to allow a stainless-steel ring to be fitted. This would allow the faces and spigot bores on the casing body to align more efficiently with the casing ends.


We wiped the sweat from our brows and admired the newly refurbished pump!

The Results:

We were pleased to find that the improved pump was now in optimum working condition. Our client assembled it without any issues and was happy with its newfound durability. Not only did we successfully removed all erosion at the affected areas, but we also replaced the flange areas with a more durable material to improve and extend the pump life cycle.

We cut costs for our client by combining the repair of the casing body and the replacement of the internal vane. We also improved the mechanical connection between the casing body and end covers. Our client was pleased that we could offer these services, both revitalizing the original pump and improving its design for a longer and more efficient lifespan.

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