Refurbishing an Ebara Centrifugal Split Case Pump

Refurbishing an Ebara Centrifugal Split Case Pump

Refurbishing an Ebara Centrifugal Split Case Pump

Our client needed to undertake an extensive refurbishment of an Ebara centrifugal split case pump. So, they came to Prime Engineering. Read on to discover how we restored this pump back to work for many years to come.

The Challenge:

Our client was given the opportunity to refurbish an Ebara centrifugal split case pump. The pump unit had endured extensive wear and tear over the years, which is expected for a pump as large as this. The pump owner had taken the advice of our client and agreed to carry out an extensive refurbishment.
For the team at Prime, this meant extra machining to remove the worn sections within the casing. We were then tasked with manufacturing replacement precision-machined rings and other components to restore this beautiful large pump and ensure long term efficiency. Here’s how we did it:

What we did:


We conducted a full assessment, which entailed dimensioning and documentation of the pump components on arrival. After our assessment, we then created CAD drawings for replacement components.


We then bore out the stuffing box, complete with a location groove. Following this, we manufactured two stainless steel 316 machined inserts, one for each end.


Our team then bore out case rings, including recesses, removing wear in case at both halves, on both ends. We then manufactured two stainless steel 316 machined split rings to reclaim the case ring bores, one for each end.

What we did:


After, we bore the bearing journal and manufactured the sleeve. Our team also manufactured two new stainless steel 316 shaft sleeves.


Our team conducted rigorous quality control on all parts. We trial fitted parts into the case to check accuracy.


Once all parts have passed our quality control process, the final fitting of all the parts that we are responsible for fitting was carried out and tested for quality assurance again.

The Results:

Our team line bored the entire pump case. We ensured everything was parallel and in line on our eight tonne Scharmann horizontal borer. The remaining required parts were manufactured on our various lathes and mills.
Our client was thrilled with the successful refurbishment of their Ebara centrifugal split case pump. We handed over detailed documentation of the job to ensure full transparency with our client.

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