Precision surface grinding from Brisbane Specialists

Precision surface grinding from Brisbane Specialists
August 10, 2018 Prime Engineering

Surface grinding is an integral process in the finishing of industrial parts and components. This service requires patience, expertise and attention to detail.

Prime Engineering has carried out surface grinding on a wide variety of metal parts; from the very large to the minuscule! We specialise in subcontract precision surface grinding for the industrial, energy and engineering industries. Our workshop is equipped with state-of-the-art surface grinders, complete with CNC technology for the most precise finish every time. In this article, we take a closer look at how surface grinding could improve your project, design or metal component.

Precision surface grinding services for unique finishing techniques

Surface grinding is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the process of removing material from an object’s surface to create a flat, smooth and even plane. Surface grinding is often used to achieve the most accurate dimensions on a part or component. A surface grinder is an essential machine in every workshop. However, you can easily tell the difference between a high-quality surface grinder and a cheaper model. The wheel on a surface grinder is made up of thousands of tiny cutting edges that can remove swarf from a metal surface. A quality surface grinder will be both very intricate, with a high grit count, and extremely powerful. A CNC surface grinder will produce the most accurate results when it comes to parallel edges and smooth surface finishes.

Precision surface grinding Brisbane. Achieve tighter tolerances for metal part machining with surface grinding.

Expertly fabricated dies

Surface grinding is a precision machining technique often carried out during the fabrication of dies. Its superior precision means that cubed dies achieve highly accurate dimensions. All faces of the die can be ground to be perfectly moulded to the requirements. Surface grinding is also commonly implemented to sharpen cutting tools and finish fixtures and moulds. It’s often used on cylindrical parts to ensure that the ends are perpendicular to the outside diameter of the component.

Incredibly accurate tolerance

Another reason to ensure that your industrial part or component undergoes surface grinding is to attain the tightest tolerance. Engineers will often utilise surface grinding to provide the best tolerance possible for a metal part or component. These machines are especially useful for tough metals and materials.

Precision surface grinding Brisbane. Achieve tighter tolerances for metal part machining with surface grinding.

Turnkey precision machining services in Brisbane

Surface grinding is a detailed process that produces best results when not rushed. However, lead times can be short, and efficiency may be paramount to get your project up and running. For this reason, Prime Engineering have CNC surface grinders that create precise component surfaces quickly. You experience minimal downtime but still gain an expertly finished, flat, smooth and accurate metal component.

If you require further finishing techniques or precision machining capabilities, Prime can help you out! We’re Brisbane’s leading precision machining engineers, competent in turning, milling, facing, drilling, boring and tapping. Contact Prime Engineering today to make subcontract machining for your various projects a breeze!