Australian Turnkey Machining Services

Australian Turnkey Machining Services
November 27, 2018 Prime Engineering

Sometimes all you may need when it comes to machining services is a part faced here, or a specialist component milled there, to get a much larger machine working again. But on other occasions, your machining job may be a little more complex. In these cases, turnkey solutions can save you a lot of time and stress.

What are turnkey machining services?

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, turnkey services mean that your product is delivered to you completely finished and ready to simply turn on and start working. It’s the full package when it comes to engineering expertise. Here at Prime Engineering, we specialise in turnkey solutions, and work with our clients every step of the way on the product journey, through concept to design, prototyping to delivery. If you’ve got a product idea that needs machining, we’re here to help you make it a reality.

Going the whole nine yards

Put plainly; we don’t believe in band-aid solutions here at Prime. If we’re going to take on a machining job, we’re going to do it right, and that means seeing the project the entire way through its journey to commissioning. Whether you require turning, facing, milling, drilling, boring, tapping, or the whole package, we’ll organise it all. We have large machining capacity, which means that we can fit entire machines such as bobcats on our tables to carry out machining services such as line boring, without dismantling it into pieces. This saves a lot of time so that you can get your machinery back quicker, and in total working order! Our workshop also includes CNC machining technology for delicate or small projects. As you can see, we carry out a wide range of machining services on a variety of equipment. To find out more about our machinery capacity, see here.

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The benefits of opting for Australian turnkey machining services

So why choose turnkey solutions rather than your average design and build? And why is it preferable to working with multiple contractors?

Saves time and money

When your contracted engineers are working on your project from the very beginning; the concept phase, they have a deeper understanding of its purpose and requirements. They don’t waste time redesigning elements of the product blueprint that they know will not work when transformed into a tangible product, because they helped to design it. It also means that if you want to make changes down the track, your team of engineers are better equipped to do so quickly. In short, it saves time and money.

Easier communication

When working with several contractors or subcontractors on the one machining project, it can be difficult to juggle your communication. You can end up with emails coming out of the wazoo, and you are the middleman communicating information on the project between all contractors, rather than each of them speaking to one another. It’s a headache that can be avoided by choosing to work with one team of mechanical engineers that offer turnkey services instead. They take care of everything, you keep your inbox tidy, and fewer mistakes are made due to miscommunication.

Consistency in quality

Quality assurance is key on machining projects. One millimetre off the correct dimensions and your whole component becomes an absolute shambles. So you want to make sure every part fits together perfectly and works efficiently. That every step of the process is handled with the same attention to detail. It’s easier to achieve when one engineering team is in charge of all elements of the project. You can set the bar for quality from the get-go and ensure it’s maintained through to the delivery of your product. When working with multiple contractors, you’ll often find that one works slower, or produces a poorer quality component than others. It slows down progress and affects the overall outcome of the project.

Want to experience fewer headaches and better quality products by opting for Australian turnkey machining services on your next project? Contact Prime Engineering today.