Precision Machining


It’s all in the details.
CNC Precision Machining

Few things are more important than achieving the correct dimensions and surface smoothness of high-performing industrial parts and components.

At Prime Engineering, we’re experts at cutting raw material into your desired shape and size through computer-controlled machinery. Our workshop houses cutting-edge, high-speed technology, which guarantees accuracy and consistency every time.

Technical excellence meets real-world solutions.

There’s no question that precision machining requires high talent and skill. Employees with training and experience in a machine shop are both scarce and incredibly valuable, and we’re lucky to have several highly-qualified machining specialists on our team!

But, what truly sets us apart from our competitors, is our ability to solve real-world problems. We don’t just provide a list of machinery and the team to wield them. We provide world-class support and the creative edge you need to manufacture components you can rely on.




Our machine shop is well equipped to cater for any kind of machining, and is laid out logically and safely for high-precision engineering. We can provide turning, fitting, and milling services for any purpose you might need. Units up to 8,000 kg and down to the miniscule can be loaded onto our machines.

Horizontal and Line Boring

Our machine shop also has two large horizontal borers. Both machines are fitted out with digital readout for fast and accurate machining.

  • On our smaller borer, we handle jobs up to 3000kg with diameters up to 1500mm internal and 2000mm external, with a length of 1100mm, 1600mm width and 1100mm in height.
  • Our larger borer can handle up to 8000kg; diameter to 2000mm internal and external, length 1000mm, width 2000mm and height to 1400mm.
  • A right angular attachment mounts on the face for internal machining to a depth of 900mm and 1600mm width.

For dependable line boring, we use our horizontal borers to give us the range and performance we need. For example, if you need line boring on your bobcat, we would affix the whole machine onto our table, and bore the areas that need repairing. We weld sleeves into the worn area and line bore.

This is a tried and tested method that is an extremely quick, accurate and efficient way to get everything back in line – without having to dismantle your entire piece of equipment. Less room for error, greater precision!