Benefits of outsourcing your precision machining with Prime Engineering

Benefits of outsourcing your precision machining with Prime Engineering
February 2, 2018 Prime Engineering

The common goal for all businesses is to keep overhead operating costs low and return on investment high. An effective way to do this is to outsource precision machining needs rather than trying to fulfil these requirements in-house. Outsourcing your precision machining with Prime Engineering will save you even more money and time. Here’s why.


Keeping costs down

It goes without saying, CNC machines are expensive. Not only expensive to buy, but also expensive to maintain and service. The long-term costs of their upkeep can put you out of pocket within months. Especially if you only need parts manufactured every now and then. These machines take up a lot of room in your warehouse and require specialists to operate and service. These specialists are going to expect a higher pay rate and a contracted amount of hours. Owning precision machining equipment gets expensive fast! It’s much less costly to simply outsource a precision machinist with all the equipment already in their workshop.

Specific machines for specific purposes

Here at Prime Engineering, we will keep costs down for your company as outsourced, professional precision machining specialists. Our machining workshop includes a variety of heavy-duty precision machining equipment, including CNC machines and large horizontal borers. We can load units up to 8,000 KG onto our machines and manufacture even the most minuscule products. Outsourcing precision machining specialists who can handle both large and small-scale projects will save you a lot of time, rather than attempting to manufacture a part yourself, on the wrong machine.

The support of experienced engineers

How many times have you manufactured a part that doesn’t end up fitting seamlessly with the other? It happens all too often and wastes excessive amounts of time and money. Outsourcing your precision machining with Prime Engineering means that you have the constant support of a full team of experienced engineers. We will be able to consider the whole design and see how the manufactured part will fit. In short, we’ll get it done right the first time round! We’re also very good at troubleshooting and fixing existing problems!

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