The Biggest of the Big

The Biggest of the Big
November 1, 2019 Prime Engineering

All over the world, buildings and structures are constructed to form cities. These buildings and structures, for the most part, are designed to be functional and perhaps to look aesthetically pleasing. However, in some cases, these designs have been created in order to break records and induce a jaw-dropping, neck-craning reaction from us (and they succeed!). Below are some of the worlds longest, tallest and biggest structures:

The World’s Longest Bridge: The Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge

The Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge is located in China and is the longest bridge in the world. The bridge is a whopping 165km long and goes all the way from Beijing to Shanghai and is only used by the high-speed railway system. The construction of the bridge cost $8.5 billion and took 10,000 employees only 4 years to build.

The World’s Tallest Building: Burj Khalifa

Standing at 828m tall, the Burj Khalifa towers over Dubai and holds the record for the world’s tallest building by quite a margin (it was originally the Shanghai Tower which measures 632m). The Burj Khalifa is 3x taller than the Eiffel Tower and if each of the pieces used to build it were laid out in a line, they would stretch a quarter of the way around the earth. Also, the weight of the concrete used to build the world’s tallest building is equivalent to around 100,000 elephants.

Future World’s Tallest Building: Jeddah Tower (previously Kingdom Tower)

Construction on the Jeddah tower began in 2013 and it’s set to be the world’s only kilometre-high building. Located and Saudi Arabia and designed by the same architect as the Burj Khalifa, the Jeddah Tower is currently about 33% finished. The future of the tower has now been thrown into doubt as construction has been paused since the middle of 2018 due to the 2017-19 Saudi Arabian purge.

Biggest Building in the World: New Century Global Centre

The biggest building in the world stands at only 99m tall but covers 1.7 million square meters of floor space. This enormous building is in China and features a shopping centre, a water park, shopping malls, offices, an ice skating rink, multiple hotels, and an entire Mediterranean village.

The Biggest Airplane in the World: Antonov AN-225

This aircraft was built in Ukraine and is considered to be the heaviest and largest aircraft in operation with a maximum takeoff capacity of 640 tonnes. Constructed in 1988, only one of these aircraft exists in the world and it’s still in service today as a cargo ship and holds the world record for the longest piece of cargo ever carried which is 42.1m.

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