Big Industrial Repairs and Breakdowns Requiring Mechanical Engineers

Big Industrial Repairs and Breakdowns Requiring Mechanical Engineers
February 25, 2019 Prime Engineering

Whether you need to repair, recondition or redesign and completely replace mechanical components of large industrial machines, Prime Engineering can help you out. As Brisbane’s leading mechanical engineers, our team of technicians have plenty of experience in industrial repairs. Our workshop is fully equipped with the machinery necessary to carry out machining and fabrication work on large industrial components. Here are just a few examples of the services we are capable of providing.

Repairing industrial components

At Prime Engineering, we can repair worn or damaged industrial components with our precision machining expertise. We often fix gears, shafts, bearing journals, motor casings, rotors, joint faces and end shields. We can carry out a range of machining techniques including facing, turning, milling, drilling, boring, tapping, broaching, grinding and reaming to improve mechanical parts.

Why risk increased downtime waiting for an offshore replacement of a very expensive industrial component to arrive when it can be repaired for less than half the price and in record timing? Here at Prime, we believe that quality work and a quick turnaround should come hand in hand. We are particularly experienced in Brisbane pump repairs and can extend the lifespan of your pump by refurbishing its components for better operational efficiency.

Redesigning and replacing mechanical components

Prime Engineering also specialises in redesigning and replacing industrial components. If your machinery is slow, inconsistent or unreliable, it may be time to have it refurbished. By redesigning and replacing just one part, an entire machine can become twice as efficient.

Prime excels in the reconditioning of motor rotor shafts, in particular. We can breathe new life into your damaged electric motor by completely replacing the shaft. Our workshop can accommodate large rotor shafts for enhanced convenience. We use a horizontal borer (which can handle up to 8000 KG) in conjunction with a bandsaw to cut away and remove the broken shaft. We then redesign the shaft using state-of-the-art CAD software and conduct quality assurance checks during every step of the refurbishment process.

The breakdown of large industrial machines is never good news. But Prime Engineering can assist you to get mechanical components repaired and running efficiently again so that you do not experience major project setbacks. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you to repair, refurbish or redesign and replace industrial components.