Motor Rotor Shaft Replacement


Motor Rotor Shaft Replacement
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It’s not uncommon for motor rotor shafts to be damaged by improper use, wear or lack of maintenance and care. Typically, when clients come to us we see worn bearing and coupling journals, overheating, and imbalance. In some cases, we can easily repair the shaft in our workshop using the latest equipment. However, in other cases, it’s necessary to replace the entire shaft. That’s where our precision machining and fabricating services come in.

The replacement process.

We use precision measuring equipment to measure the damaged shaft and produce technical drawings using CAD software. Our workshop is equipped with a Horizontal Borer that can accommodate jobs up to 8000kg. We use the Borer combined with a Band Saw to cut and remove the old shaft from the rotor.

Safety and quality are the most important factors in motor rotor shaft replacement. So we make sure to complete quality assurance checks at every stage of the process. We also send sample material from the old shaft to the lab to have a chemical analysis done. This ensures that the new shaft is made with the closest equivalent material.

After the new shaft has been welded, machined and fitted to the rotor, we send the entire assembly out for dynamic balancing.