Need to subcontract to an Australian pump component manufacturer?

Need to subcontract to an Australian pump component manufacturer?
November 30, 2018 Prime Engineering

If your client has a pump hard at work in the mining, industrial, oil and gas or municipal water industries in Australia, the chances are that somewhere along its lifespan it will need refurbishment. This can include new and sometimes very specialised pump components that you, as a pump repairs technician, require the assistance of an experienced engineer to fabricate.

Minimise your client’s downtime by subcontracting pump component manufacturing within Australia.

Why subcontract all of your pump component needs?

Why hire a subcontractor to carry out all of your pump component fabrication or machining work? An engineer experienced in pump component fabrication can reduce your lead times for repairs and get your client’s pump back up and running quickly. Furthermore, a subcontracted engineer with plenty of experience carrying out machining work on pumps will have a fully equipped workshop with machines that can produce better results. At Prime Engineering, we have horizontal borers that can carry out exact machining work on even the largest of pump components! Finding a manufacturer of large pump components within Australia can be tricky, but doesn’t need to be with Prime in your corner.

Minimise your client’s downtime by subcontracting pump component manufacturing within Australia.

Pump repairs.

When your client’s pump starts to look rusty and worn out, they may think that it’s time to dump it on the scrap heap and buy a new one. But as you already know, they shouldn’t be so hasty to send it to its grave! Prime has assisted in the refurbishment of a variety of pumps that have continued working efficiently, years past their expected lifespans! In many cases, it is only a few components that need to be replaced for the entire machine to work again. And perhaps fabricating these new components using a different material would extend the machine’s lifespan and operational efficiency. If, after taking a good look at your client’s broken down pump, you believe that it can be repaired at less of an expense than buying new, your client will be cheering! Subcontracting the pump component repairs or fabrication work within Australia will reduce your client’s downtime significantly. They won’t have to pay for, or wait for, a whole new pump to arrive from offshore; just a few new or refurbished components that you can easily re-assemble into the existing pump and deliver back to them in a jiffy!

Prime Engineering are specialists in the fabrication of new pump components.

Australian specialists in split-case pump repairs.

Split-case pumps are the backbone of many industrial projects and applications. Even though they are expensive machines, investment is seen as worthwhile because they’re durable, reliable and efficient. But what happens when they start to slow down after years of service? When your clients spend big bucks on a split-case pump, they expect it to be operating for decades. However, even the hardiest of machinery needs maintenance.

At Prime, we’re highly experienced in the refurbishment of split-case pump components. We frequently service these hard-working machines and even redesign components to ensure that the pump lasts for longer. When pump repairs technicians come to us with faulty components, we often carry out maintenance and fabrication work while adhering to strict time frames so that projects suffer minimal downtime.

If you’re looking for a subcontract pump component manufacturer in Australia, you can’t go past Prime Engineering. Our experience and knowledge of pump component repairs and maintenance have resulted in many successful pump refurbishments. We’re also often called upon as the most reliable large subcontract pump component manufacturers in the country! Contact us today to discuss your pump component requirements.