Size Matters for Large Heavy Metal Machining

Size Matters for Large Heavy Metal Machining
April 6, 2019 Prime Engineering

Massive growth in Brisbane has heightened the demand in the requirement of large heavy metal machining, and Prime Engineering is the number one name in the business.

When timelines are important on commercial building scales, thorough and experienced mechanical engineering is required to ensure that fabrication and large heavy metal machining keeps everything running smoothly. This type of machining requires the best tooling and operators who understand precisely the kind of machining that is necessary for the job. Prime Engineering is Brisbane’s leading large, precision machining specialist, housing equipment made with cutting edge technology, suited to large heavy metal machining.

Size does matter!

Line boring machines, with the largest accepting weight loads of up to 8 metric ton.

At Prime Engineering, the workshop houses state of the art equipment designed to ensure precision large heavy metal machining. We operate two horizontal line boring machines, with the largest accepting weight loads of up to 8 metric ton. We have 5 lathes on hand, to ensure that your work is not held up. Our capacity is far-reaching, we also a variety of welding equipment, as well as 2 welding robots. At Prime Engineering, we take pride in machining and fabrication, standing by our claims that your large heavy metal pieces will receive the same level of precision, attention to detail and care, as the smallest machined components that pass through our facility.

Why is Precision Engineering the best subcontractor for the job?

We understand that unique projects are going to require parts to be custom machined. We’ve cemented our place in Brisbane and outer Brisbane areas as the trusted name in heavy metal machining and related services. Our team at Prime Engineering is comprised of mechanical engineers who are excellent problem solvers. Couple that with years of experience and you are left with a business that excels when it comes to machining of large and unusually bulky items. Our flatbed has been cast directly into the floor of our workshop to allow us to easily fabricate large, heavy machinery parts with the utmost precision.

Let’s not forget that custom machining is measured down to the nanometre, so where absolute precision is required, Prime Engineering is the best in the business. Even if you just have a question or want to see if we’re capable of completing your job, give us a call!

Heavy Metal Machine Repairs and Maintenance

Heavy Metal Machine Repairs and Maintenance in Brisbane.

It’s no secret that downtime on any project is going to kill cash flow. Project managers are all well versed in the feeling of utter dread that washes over them when a vital machine breaks down, halting work and bringing things to a screeching stop. Emergency repairs at Prime Engineering are no big deal. We are equipped to handle repairs of heavy metal machining equipment and carry them out with speed and accuracy, to get your project rolling again.

Our capacity qualifies us to accomplish not only repairs but also preventative maintenance. If you know you have a big project ahead and want to be sure that your heavy-duty machinery is in excellent shape, we can examine it and suggest improvements or simply refurbish it. We’ve restored countless pieces of heavy-duty machinery that our clients thought would not make to the next project. Our engineering facilities are set up to provide the best support and work in the heavy metal machining industry within Brisbane.

Need a mechanical engineer experienced in machining, fabricating and maintaining large and heavy machinery, metal components and equipment? Contact Prime Engineering today.

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