Engineering for Engineers: The full process roadmap

Engineering for Engineers: The full process roadmap
July 31, 2020 Prime Engineering

When you are engineering for engineers, you are dealing with people who know quality and excellent service when it comes to the work that we do for them. There is no room for error in the big jobs that we complete, so we make sure to focus on every little detail. This is no exception when it comes to the process our clients undergo when working with us; it is meticulous and thought out to make sure that we tighten every last screw.

How Can We Help?

The first step for us is understanding, really understanding. When it comes to your business, your needs are what we listen to first, taking into account any of the drawings, parts, or ideas that you bring to us. We will let you share exactly what you feel needs to be done and then ask you the right questions to make sure that our understanding is crystal clear. Once we have formed this idea, we will then offer you the advice that we feel best suits the job you have brought to us.

Partnership expectations

After our first interaction, it is time to set some guidelines. We will provide you with a quote and an expected delivery based on the information you provide us. Once this is agreed upon, we will also solidify design specifications to be confident and ready to hit the ground running. When we are finished with articulating plans, we will go forward with the purchase order.


Once your purchase order has been submitted, we will enter your job into our system. In doing this, we will order the materials that are required for the job, and with this will be able to give a confirmation of delivery. Delivery time of materials may affect your job’s delivery time, and keeping you in the loop with this information is essential to us to maintain realistic expectations and a transparent relationship.

Time to use our skills

Once we have received the parts for your job, it is time to get going on our end. Now comes the actual creation of the component that we have discussed in our meetings leading up to this event. Conscientious management of this process ensures that we complete exactly what you have detailed to a superior quality level. This quality will go through a confirmation process by our team to assure our promise on multiple levels of expertise.


The end goal, completion time. When we have finally completed your job to an extraordinary standard, it is time for you to receive it. We have collection and shipping options on a domestic and international scale, meaning Prime is here for you wherever you may be. Your component is now ready for your use and ready to keep your business moving.

This thorough process is one that attracts our first-time customers and retains our long term clients. At Prime Engineering, we use our over 29 years of engineering know-how to engineer for engineers across many fields. If you have had a part break on you or need something new, contact us today, we are ready and wanting to help you get your show back on the road for the long haul.

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