Coolest Engineering Videos From Around the Web

10 Coolest Engineering Videos From Around the Web
May 15, 2019 Prime Engineering

As technology advances, our engineering capabilities expand and we’re able to marvel at modern machines and their abilities. We’ve compiled these 10 videos to show you just how crazy some of these machines are now becoming. Prime Engineering is Brisbane’s premier heavy metal machining workshop, with over 29 years experience in the mechanical engineering trade, and even we are in awe of these!

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1. Tiger Stone Road Printing Machine

This machine lays down paving bricks in either 13, 16 or 20-foot widths. The hopper is fed with loose bricks and the ‘road printing machine’ feeds them into formation before setting them down.

2. CNC Wire Bender from AIM Inc

This wire bender is state of the art, featuring separate modules for operation, but synchronised through the same computer system. It is rumoured to be the fastest wire bender in the world.

3. 5 Axis CNC Machining – Daishin Seiki Corporation

Daishin Seiki Corporation is a leading provider of prototypes to the motorsports industry and specialises sophisticated 5-axis machining. Have a look at this tool path!

4. Tunnel Boring Machine

This video shows the Airportlink tunnel boring machine complete its breakthrough through to its burial and final resting place. This is one mega machine that ultimately spent its whole life digging its own grave.

5. SLJ900 32 Bridge Builder

This machine is a modern monster. It features the ability to build its own bridge and it moves along, provided the support beams are already in place.

6. Belaz 75710

This is the world’s largest dump truck. With a load capacity of 490 tonnes and stretching over 20 meters long, this piece of engineering is one serious bit of kit.

7. Dutchman Industries Truck Spade

Ever wanted to take one of your favourite trees with you when you move house but just knew that it was physically too big to move? Well, that will never be a problem again. Watch how easily this truck space can dig a tree out of the ground.

8. Savannah Model 1720 Stump Puller

For many years stump grinding was the only way to remove stumps from your yard. Now with these mechanical advancements, stump pulling is a fast, stress-free process.

9. Rothenberger Plastic Welding Machine

This fusion machine now makes pipe joining seamless with its butt welding capabilities. No longer will there need to be joins that can break or leak on the pipeline.

10. Faun Trackway MGMS

This is the medium ground mobility solution. This modular road surface can be instantly deployed to help heavy machinery reach a destination that would have previously been unreachable.

If you’ve got a heavy metal machining job you need to be taken care of, we are the best in this business. Contact Prime Engineering today!

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