Ted Talks on the future of engineering

Ted Talks on the future of engineering
December 3, 2019 Prime Engineering

Our interests in new technology, cutting edge innovation and problem-solving creativity are why we love engineering. In between working on projects, the team at Prime Engineering like to chill out and learn through inspirational people in the engineering community. TED Talks are great ways to hear all about these topics and the direction they are headed from the experts. We have put together a list of TED Talks that focus on the future of engineering so that you can stay on the ball for what is to come!

Why We Need Engineers Now More Than Ever | Elanor Huntington

Did you know that Australian universities create more than three times more scientists than can actually find employment but only half as many engineers that we need? As a new wave of engineering approaches, Australian National University Professor of Quantum Cybernetics, Elanor Huntington explores how we will be inside the next machines. Focusing on bringing together people, technology & society.

The Wonderful and Terrifying Implications of Computers that can Learn | Jeremy Howard

This talk focuses on the power of machine learning. A concept that could not just affect the way engineering works but also how the world works! With more precision and efficiency than human beings, deep learning researcher from Fast.ai and the University of San Francisco, Jeremy Howard looks at how we can stand up to this rapidly developing tech.

The Next Manufacturing Revolution is Here | Olivier Scalabre

This talk explores people and machines working together to produce a better result. Every type of engineer would already be well aware of how this can work effectively, but Boston Consulting Group’s Olivier Scalabre looks at how this effect will spread through all industries from manufacturing to fashion. With a projected 20% increase in the use of automation being used in non-repetitive tasks by 2025, explore how Scalabre thinks we will get there.

Don’t Fear Superintelligent AI | Grady Booch

Scared of the robots taking over? IMB’s Gary Booch isn’t! Booch puts these worries to bed by explaining how we will teach, not program, artificial intelligence to share human values. The theme of this talk is strongly in favour of how we will properly utilise these advances to enhance our own lives in the future.

Want to Innovate? Become a “now-ist” | Joi Ho

Future-oriented thinking doesn’t always solve the problems of today. Joi Ito, the head of the MIT Media Lab, encourages people to skip future predictions and create in the moment. This type of innovation is what is helping us to develop some of the most stand-out projects that are emerging today that will shape our future. Ito recommends not the thinking of a futurist but of a ‘now-ist’.

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