The Process of Mechanical Engineering Services

The Process of Mechanical Engineering Services
March 12, 2019 Prime Engineering

The mechanical engineering process might seem like otherworldly magic to some.
How do we go from a small idea to an actual working part? Or even better, how do we go from a simple concept to a brand new, market-breaking product? Well, when you have a team of expert mechanical engineers, it’s not as difficult as you may think. That’s why we’ve put together this step-by-step guide to the process of mechanical engineering services.

A complete engineering consultation

The first step in solving your mechanical engineering needs is for our expert engineers to sit down and consult with you. For over 30 years, Prime Engineering’s innovative and experienced team have been solving mechanical problems with high-quality solutions. By carefully dissecting any mechanical issues your project is experiencing, we can provide you with independent technical advice and help you on your way to finding a solution.

Expert mechanical design and drafting

Design drawing for hvac control unit

After our team has worked with you to identify what your mechanical engineering needs are and what possible solutions there are, we will start designing and drafting a prototype. Prime Engineering offers an extensive range of engineer design services, from machinery design to developing new products. Our in-house engineers can also provide a variety of drafting services, such as reverse-engineering and 3D modelling. By creating detailed and well-prepared plans and drafts, we will be able to predict any possible difficulties in the production phase. This also allows you to have a clear understanding of the prototype we are making.

Complete production for your mechanical engineering needs

One of the most exciting steps in the process of mechanical engineering services is the production phase. After our engineers have designed and drafted a prototype, our team of experienced workshop mechanics, welders, and CNC-experts will build the solution to your mechanical engineering needs. This could involve a range of engineering services, from the precision of CNC machining to traditional fabrication and welding. The production phase also allows our engineers a better understanding of your desired product, and how it will fit into other machinery or equipment if needed.

Repeated testing to make sure your part is perfect

Heating press flange for machining purposes

No prototype is perfect, which is why our team will perform repeated and varied testing on your product. Not only will we test to see if your product does its required job, but we will also check for various weather issues, resistibility to wear, and the strength of the product. This may also involve redesigning or modifying the product. This process may take time, but it is essential in ensuring that your product is safe, durable, and does the job you require it to do.

Improved results and a brand new product or part

After several rounds of testing, your product is ready for handover! Whether you’ve tasked us with creating a brand new object or replacing a well-worn part, you know you are getting a premium quality product. Our innovative and cost-effective solution to your engineering needs will help your project break through the competition and will lead you to new heights.

Have a dream project? Not sure how to get the right parts? Contact our expert mechanical engineers and see how we can help you today!