Ultrasonic Testing - Industry-Leading Processes For Oil & Gas

Ultrasonic Testing – Industry-Leading Processes For Oil & Gas
March 8, 2019 Prime Engineering

Ultrasonic testing is an integral component of pipeline construction in the oil and gas industries. This form of non-destructive testing (NDT) ensures operational efficiency for pipelines and safeguards workers and the surrounding environment from the dangers of ruptured pipe joints.

The automated ultrasonic testing (AUT) process allows NDT companies to check pipe girth welds for weld defects during construction. It’s a non-intrusive procedure which is vital to ensure the integrity of a newly laid pipeline. But NDT workers require correctly calibrated scanner software to carry out these tests and guarantee reliable results.

Ultrasonic testing calibration blocks are vital to accurate testing procedures.

The dangers of inaccurately calibrated ultrasonic testing software

Here are just two undesirable outcomes that can occur when NDT companies use incorrectly calibrated UT software during pipeline maintenance:

Scenario 1

The technician makes an inaccurate reading during the ultrasonic testing process due to a faulty calibration block which has imprecisely calibrated the UT scanner software. He/She requests that the entire pipeline is shut down to re-weld what is believed to be a weakened girth weld. However, when the repair crew open the joint, it becomes apparent that the weld is actually in good condition. This unnecessary shutdown has caused the pipeline plant significant costs.

Scenario 2

A faulty calibration block leads to the technician missing a weld defect during the testing process, which eventually results in a fracture that negatively impacts the surrounding environment. The pipeline company must rectify the damage caused by the spillage at an extremely high cost. The pipeline must be shut down for maintenance causing extended downtime and even further loss of income.

Don’t risk damaging your NDT company’s reputation by providing your technicians with cheaply manufactured and unreliable calibration blocks.

Ultrasonic testing calibration blocks are vital to accurate testing procedures.

Precise ultrasonic testing calibration blocks

Calibration blocks are integral to the accuracy of ultrasonic testing methods. Prime Engineering manufacture custom ultrasonic testing calibration blocks for pipeline maintenance. We can even mount your calibration blocks directly on to pipe dummies using welding techniques or bolts, to save your NDT technicians time in the field.

High-quality scanner bands for pipeline construction & maintenance

Prime Engineering manufacture scanner bands (also referred to as guide bands) of the highest quality. Faultless welding is guaranteed with our carefully fabricated scanner guide bands. Prime Engineering can design and create custom scanner bands to fit a variety of pipe diameters. Our bands allow for the easy attachment of a range of AUT systems.

Looking for high-quality, precisely manufactured custom ultrasonic testing equipment? Contact Prime Engineering today to order calibration blocks, pipe dummies and scanner bands for pipeline maintenance and experience swift delivery and incomparable workmanship.