The importance of integrity assessments in the oil and gas sector

The importance of integrity assessments in the oil and gas sector
February 26, 2019 Prime Engineering

Implementing risk mitigation strategies and processes is integral to the upkeep and safe running of any oil and gas facility, whether this is a plant or pipeline network. This type of working environment comes with its fair share of hazards which must be controlled and regularly assessed to ensure not only the safety of the workers and the surrounding landscape but also the flow of efficiency and profits. So how can managers of oil and gas facilities maintain this high standard of operation and evaluation? Through conducting facility integrity assessments.

What is a facility integrity assessment?

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A facility integrity assessment within the oil and gas sector is an evaluation carried out by trained professionals and engineers, which aims to improve your workflow, machinery and processes. A huge part of the assessment is dedicated to minimising the risk associated with your facility’s day to day operations. At the close of the inspection, you will receive a full report on actions which can be taken to improve your facility, reduce risk, enhance efficiency and better comply with industry best practices.

The advantages of facility integrity assessments in the oil and gas sector

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So why invest in a facility integrity assessment? A few of the most beneficial outcomes are as follows:

No more surprise emergency maintenance causing unscheduled downtime

A facility integrity assessment will pinpoint the equipment which requires attention, prioritise each piece of machinery accordingly and plan for its servicing to avoid setbacks.

Continually meeting compliance

During a facility integrity assessment, all processes will be scrutinised to ensure that compliance is being met and regulatory laws are followed. You will know for sure that you won’t cop any fines due to non-compliance.

Enhanced transparency regarding the condition of your equipment

It can become very frustrating when under-qualified equipment inspectors deem a piece of machinery insufficient just because it’s old. During a facility integrity assessment your equipment will be carefully examined for operational efficiency, no matter how old or new it is, providing you with a better idea of its condition and lifespan. This way, you can financially plan for when your equipment will need replacing, and won’t waste money on new gear that you don’t need.

A better understanding of the risks involved with running your facility

Awareness is key when it comes to risk prevention. Having a detailed rundown of potential risks and how to reduce them will assist you to protect your workers and your equipment. It will also help you to react quickly in the event of an emergency, and prevent extensive damages.

What to expect from a facility integrity assessment

Here are a few of the tools that you can gain from a facility integrity assessment:

  • A complete review of your facility’s past inspections and equipment maintenance, outlining recurring issues and suggestions on how to fix them for good.
  • A risk identification and mitigation report.
  • Inspection plans indicating the best non-destructive testing techniques for your equipment and pipelines, to heighten the probability of detection of weak points and corrosion, should they be present.

What this means for non-destructive testing companies

How do facility integrity assessments drum up business for NDT companies? These assessments encourage managers of oil and gas facilities to enhance their approach to risk mitigation. A vital component of this involves conducting non-destructive (usually ultrasonic) tests of equipment such as pipelines, to search for problems such as faulty girth welds. A facility integrity assessment will push managers of oil and gas facilities to have tests carried out. The NDT industry’s services are vital to the overall risk management of oil and gas facilities.

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