The 5 Essential Components of Precision Machining Quality Assurance

The 5 Essential Components of Precision Machining Quality Assurance
October 24, 2019 Prime Engineering

At Prime Engineering, it’s not just our cutting-edge, high-speed technology that guarantees accuracy and consistency on every project we work on. We’re completely committed to an operating philosophy to go above and beyond our customers’ expectations for quality, safety, cost, delivery, and value.

Calibration and maintenance protocols are an integral part of our maintenance program for all precision machining equipment. That’s why we’ve put together the five essential components that no precision machining quality assurance process should be without.

  • Maintain continuous and effective customer communication
    In accordance with our commitment to exceed expectations, we treat effective customer communication as an essential element of delivering customer satisfaction.
  • Design a robust product monitoring and measurement program
    The monitoring and measurement program for all precision machining products is defined in drawings and specifications, production routers, purchasing documents and in inspection and testing procedures.
  • Conduct thorough verification of purchased products
    All purchased products are subjected to a visual inspection by the receiving inspector. Designated products are also subjected to a more detailed and technical quality control (QC) inspection.
  • Conduct in-process inspections to ensure quality and on-time delivery
    In-process inspections are in the form of first article inspections and operator inspections to ensure quality, timely delivery of completed orders to our customers.
  • Complete a final quality inspection to ensure total product conformity
    finished Prime Engineering products are subjected to the final QC inspection. After verifying that all specified and in-process inspections have been completed, our inspectors perform the remaining tests necessary to establish evidence of product conformity. Results of all inspections and tests are recorded and only products that pass the final inspection process are packaged and shipped.

We take steps to proactively identify and define each customer’s needs while adhering to all applicable standards and the requirements of the brief. At Prime Engineering we pride ourselves on providing excellence when it comes to engineering and machining projects. With over 29 years of experience and worldwide clients, you can trust we deliver projects on time, as expected and within budget. Contact Prime Engineering on 07 3217 0555 or via our online contact form.