Specialists in large, heavy sub-contract machining

Specialists in large, heavy sub-contract machining
August 27, 2018 Prime Engineering

If you’re looking to subcontract large part precision machining in Australia, you’ve come to the right place!

When undertaking immense construction projects, it makes sense to subcontract work to professionals skilled in specific areas of engineering. Prime Engineering are Australia’s leading precision machining specialists for large and heavy parts. We’re often called upon to repair, modify or replace large parts using our state-of-the-art machining equipment and years of knowledge and experience in mechanical engineering. Read on to find out how we can assist you with the machining of large and heavy metal parts.

Line Boring

The workshop at Prime Engineering is equipped with two large horizontal borers for the line boring of heavy parts. Our machines can handle parts up to 8000 KG! We choose to use horizontal borers because we find them to be more dependable and versatile for line boring. It means that we often don’t have to dismantle an entire piece of equipment to perform boring on one part; we can simply affix the whole machine to the table. It’s efficient and accurate, which is what we always aim for here at Prime!

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Prime Engineering also specialises in CNC machining for large and heavy workpieces. This includes turning services using computer-controlled lathes. Achieving a consistently precise finished product is much quicker with CNC lathes.


Is your part, workpiece or component better suited to milling? The workshop at Prime Engineering has a milling machine that will expertly finish your large or heavy part by adding features such as holes, slots, pockets and contours.

Subcontract Prime Engineering for large part milling services in Australia. The milling of large and heavy metal parts is possible with Prime Engineering’s CNC milling machines.


Having trouble fitting together all of the components of a large piece of machinery? Prime Engineering can take care of that for you. Many of our jobs involve fabricating or modifying large and heavy parts of an even larger and heavier machine! Our experience in precision machining means that we’re well-versed in ensuring that everything slots together perfectly. Large parts require superior accuracy too, and that’s why we use CNC machining to get the measurements correct, right down the nanometer!

If you’re in need of a subcontractor for large part precision machining in Australia, Prime Engineering are well-equipped to service your needs. Contact us today to discuss your project and our capabilities.