Single Stage Split Case Pump

Single Stage Split Case Pump
December 14, 2020 admin

Prime Engineering was called upon to help rebuild a single stage split case pump which had caused regular reliability issues for its owner.

Our client was given the opportunity to rebuild the pump after their customer repeatedly experienced poor efficiency, short service life and exurbanite refurbishment lead times from past repairers.

Because the client’s customer had experienced poor professional services previously, the Prime team used its expertise to produce a product that was superior to the previous repairs.

Our client was confident that together with Prime Engineering’s design and machining capabilities, that we could outperform previous rebuilds.

What We Needed To Do

  • Redesign the bearing on one side of the pump.
  • Produce CAD drawings for all individual parts.
  • Produce parts of a higher quality and tolerance than the previous reparation jobs.
  • Supply all machined parts in the lead time requested.
  • Improve pump performance, reliability and service life.


We worked with our client using AutoCad to design and produce drawings for all individual parts required for the refurbishment. Our blueprints improved the original design of the OEM bearing on one side of the pump.

Working with our client, we designed a bearing that was lubricated by water and could be fitted internally, as opposed to externally, as per the original. We then line bored the pump case to ensure all internal parts fitted correctly and ensured efficiency and reliability.

The Prime Engineering team made the expert decision to alter which materials were used for certain parts to reduce wear and improve on the service life of the pump.


The Prime Engineering team successfully redesigned the split case pump and produced the correct documentation for the job so similar future jobs can follow the process. We line bored into the pump and manufactured all internal parts needed in the redesign without complication.

All redesigned parts were sent to the client in the expected time frame and for the predicted cost. Our client was able to easily assemble the upgraded pump as instructed.

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