Reverse Engineer Your Next Mechanical Engineering Issue

Reverse Engineer Your Next Mechanical Engineering Issue
December 10, 2018 Prime Engineering

Reverse engineering is the process of deconstructing and duplicating an existing machine, component or product without the aid of technical drawings or designs. It is sometimes referred to as back engineering.

To reverse engineer a piece of machinery or machine component the assistance of experienced and highly analytic mechanical engineers is required. In this article, we take a closer look at why you may need reverse engineering services, and where to find them in Brisbane.

Reasons why you may require reverse engineering services

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As mentioned above, reverse engineering is often utilised when work needs to be done to a machine or machine component whose technical drawings, for whatever reason, are unobtainable. The most prevalent reasons why project managers or machinery operators seek reverse engineering services include the following:

  • To better understand a piece of machinery.
  • To improve a piece of machinery.
  • To recreate a piece of machinery.

Specific scenarios where machinery may be reverse engineered

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For further clarification, here are a few scenarios you may find yourself in, where reverse engineering is extremely beneficial.

My machinery is no longer being made by the original manufacturer

Sometimes industrial, farming, earth moving or plant machinery that you have relied upon for years is suddenly discontinued. This can be a massive inconvenience to your project and daily operations. You may need to recreate the entire machine from scratch to sustain higher levels of production or replace the existing machine when it breaks down. Or the case may be that you can no longer obtain original parts for your current machine and need someone to recreate them. A mechanical engineer experienced in the process of reverse engineering can help you out by carefully taking apart your existing machine to analyse its design. They will then determine how to make an exact replica of the entire machine or the components that need to be replaced.

My machinery is used daily and could do with a few improvements to enhance productivity

Perhaps you have recognised a few ways in which your machinery is holding you back when it comes to productivity and efficiency, and would like to improve this. With the assistance of a reverse engineer, the machinery can be deconstructed and assessed accordingly. It may be that certain parts have been fabricated with outdated materials, and could be reconstructed using a different type of metal that will increase functionality and be more cost effective and durable. By pulling apart your machine and analysing the way it works, a reverse engineer can enhance its design without needing to look at the original drawings.

I need to make my product better than my competitor’s

Product designers also often commission back engineering services to better understand a competitor’s product. This process allows them to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of their own similar product, and generate ways in which they can improve it and supersede other variations on the market. For obvious reasons, competing companies cannot get their hands on each other’s product designs and drawings. Reverse engineering is the only way that they can truly understand how the machine works and what the secret to its success is.

Reverse Engineering services in Brisbane

Need a machine or machine component reverse engineered in the Brisbane region? Prime Engineering’s team of experienced mechanical engineers can assist you to understand your machinery better through careful deconstruction and smart recreation. Contact us today to discuss your reverse engineering requirements.