Redesigning Industrial Machinery for Durability

Redesigning Industrial Machinery for Durability
August 29, 2017 Prime Engineering

Do you frequently experience problems with your industrial machinery?

Working to tight deadlines is a reality in any industry, and continually experiencing machinery breakdowns is a frustration that you don’t need. It leads to overstretched project timelines and frustrated managers all the way down the chain of command.

Imagine if you could work with machinery that just got the job done, not only on time but ahead of time. A machine that increased revenue, gave you an edge on your competitors, and never broke down due to high capacity usage. Achieving your goals would be an absolute breeze!

Custom engineering solutions

At Prime Engineering, we build with the long term in mind. None of these flimsy parts that require replacement after only a year of use. With proper servicing and care, the machines and parts that we manufacture can last you decades, if not longer.

How do we do this? Good, old fashioned knowledge, state-of-the-art equipment and custom services. We make what YOU need, to YOUR specifications and use our experience and expertise to come up with custom solutions to YOUR problems.

We don’t mean everyday problems like where you put your car keys this morning, of course – we mean machinery problems! If your machinery is constantly breaking down, it could be because of faulty parts, a glitch overlooked in the design or the fact that your business’ needs have outgrown the machine’s capabilities. We look at the big picture to assist you in identifying the problem, coming up with solutions, and manufacturing a product to meet your needs.

Latest in technological advancements

Another way we ensure that all of our products are durable and reliable is by combining our 29 years of experience, with the latest state-of-the-art technology in manufacturing and engineering. Our engineers are skilled at both manual and CNC machining. This means that their expertise is backed by years of knowledge in traditional engineering. However, they are also capable of operating CNC technology to produce consistent, detailed results in a timely fashion.

Spending less time on servicing, and more time getting work done

When Prime Engineering was called upon to redesign the components of a five stage split case pump for a client, we implemented our problem-solving skills to come up with more efficient and durable parts. The client was experiencing frequent breakdowns and a short service life with their existing pump. Prime Engineering outperformed previous rebuilds by other suppliers, manufacturing the new components with a new material which reduced the wear and tear of the overall product.

The split ring mounting was also redesigned to improve the pump’s reliability. This meant that the client was presented with a product that not only required less servicing but also worked more efficiently. The client has since had 20 more pumps rebuilt by us over the years, and has not had to make one warranty claim! To read more on this case study, please see here.

What kind of industrial machinery does Prime Engineering redesign?

Prime Engineering can provide solutions for any problematic machine. Together with our clients we can assist in identifying recurring failing components and suggest new designs or materials to engineer the problem away. Industries that we have worked in previously but are not limited to, include; food, pharmaceuticals, canning industry, directional drilling, mining, Non-destructive testing, aluminium extrusion plants and mechanical handling.

Need to redesign industrial machinery that just isn’t up to scratch when it comes to performance, durability and reliability? Contact Prime Engineering today!