Project Managers: Know What You Want But Not What You Need?

Project Managers: Know What You Want But Not What You Need?
September 22, 2018 Prime Engineering

If you’re a project manager in the construction, engineering or energy industries, chances are you’re constantly juggling various jobs which require your oversight and input. One or more of these jobs may be the reparation, fabrication, maintenance, refurbishment or machining of metal parts for infrastructure or large machines that are vital to your project’s success.

Your job requires you to have a finger in every pie, so to speak. But you don’t have to eat each one. Following our meaning? You may know exactly what kind of mechanical engineering services you require, but be a little vague on the nitty-gritty details of how the job will be carried out, or how a problem will be solved. And that’s totally fine. You aren’t expected to be the expert that knows every single thing about every task that must be completed to finalise a project. That’s why subcontracting exists.

So if you’re a project manager, project leader or project director with a clear view of what you want to be done, but require specialist knowledge and advice to make it happen, you’re going to need the services of an experienced and knowledgeable mechanical engineering team. One that can solve problems for you, and give you more time to see to those hundreds of other jobs that need your attention. Here are just a few of the benefits of subcontracting your machining and fabrication work to an engineering team with the skills and experience to take a load off your plate.

The best subcontracted mechanical engineers for project managers.

Mechanical problems solved, without the stress

Do you have a damaged electric motor that has a rotor shaft which needs replacing? Did a part arrive from an offshore manufacturer built to the wrong specifications and as a result, needs to be modified? Perhaps you have an issue with a piece of equipment that isn’t working to maximum efficiency and need an experienced mechanical engineer to pinpoint the issue. Whatever the case, an engineering firm accomplished in solving challenging problems will be able to put their thinking caps on to rectify it. As a project manager, all problems within the project are your concern, but it doesn’t have to be up to you to solve them. A professional support team of mechanical engineers can do that for you!

Speedy maintenance, repairs & refurbishments

Time is of the essence in project management. Certain jobs need to be completed before others are started, and there are strict time frames and often pressing deadlines to adhere to. So a mechanical engineer that realises the value of efficiency is vital! If you need quick and thorough repairs made to equipment or parts integral to the smooth running of your project, having a professional engineer in your corner makes all the difference. At Prime Engineering, we can not only repair your faulty machinery and carry out preventive maintenance, but we can also redesign certain parts to make it operate more efficiently. We’ve been known to breath new life into pumps that have been destined for the scrap heap, and save our clients a lot of time and money buying a new one. Refurbishing pumps are just one of our specialties. With Prime as your support team of engineers, you’ll get a much longer lifespan out of your equipment.

The best subcontracted mechanical engineers for project managers.

Custom parts for specialist equipment

Sometimes an off the shelf part, machine or workpiece simply isn’t going to cut it. Don’t make do with a piece of equipment that doesn’t fit your exact needs. Prime Engineering can design and develop custom machinery to perform the tasks you need it to. Often we are approached with a problem and nothing else. It’s our job to come up with the solution; design the machine, produce technical drawings, undergo a feasibility and budget analysis, make a working prototype and carry out various testing. You get full turn-key services with the Prime Engineering team by your side.

Prime understands that project managers have busy and stressful jobs. That’s why we strive to provide the mechanical engineering support that you may require. We’re experienced, skilled professionals who can work autonomously to solve a problem promptly, but also fabricate parts from very specific drawings with the utmost precision.

Whether you come to us with a problem that needs solving, or a particular part that requires repairing, maintenance, refurbishment or fabrication, we can get the job done. Contact Prime Engineering to discuss your project.