Large Pump Repair Specialists - When size matters!

Large Pump Repair Specialists – When size matters!
February 10, 2019 Prime Engineering

Attention all pump repairs technicians: Do you require the assistance of large pump component manufacturers?

Finding a mechanical engineer with the experience and apparatus necessary to carry out machining and fabrication work on large pump components in Australia can be challenging. But subcontracting large pump component manufacturers is often necessary to ensure that you are delivering a fully repaired pump back to your client. Here’s how to lock in reliable, professional and high-quality large pump component repairs services in Australia.

Prime Engineering Large Pump Repair on a Vacuum Pump

Australia’s large pump component machining & fabrication specialists

So you’ve been called in to repair a client’s centrifugal pump, vacuum pump or split case pump. After tinkering around and making a few initial assessments, it becomes clear that the pump is going to need new parts. Or perhaps an existing component requires machining for it to work more efficiently. Either way, you’re feeling a little worried because your client needs their broken down pump up and running again ASAP to carry on with their project. But the pump parts that need replacement or refurbishment are quite large, and you aren’t sure how you will manage to find a large pump component repairs specialist in such a short time-frame.

Queue, Prime Engineering: Australia’s leading subcontractor for large pump component machining, fabrication, repairs and refurbishment.

Why subcontract large pump component repairs to Prime Engineering?

Large capacity workshop

At Prime Engineering, we aren’t messing around when it comes to large machinery capacity. Our workshop is equipped with a horizontal borer perfect for carrying out machining work on heavy and big pump components. It can handle pumps parts weighing up to 8000kg, with an internal or external diameter of up to 2000mm, a max length of 1000mm, width of 2000mm and height of 1400mm. In other words, we can perform line boring on some pretty enormous pump components!

Successful track record

Here at Prime, we aren’t new to the world of pump component repairs. We’ve carried out extensive pump refurbishments on both split case and vacuum pumps. We can breathe life back into old pump parts by using our machining skills to remove rusted material and fabricate new components to ensure hardier surfaces. We’ve even been known to redesign parts completely to extend a pump’s overall lifespan!

Competitive prices

We know that your clients won’t want to spend an arm and a leg purchasing a new pump when their old one can be refurbished at a fraction of the price! And just because it’s large, doesn’t mean it should cost them the earth to have it repaired. Experience the convenience of having a large pump component manufacturer on hand to quickly, expertly and affordably assist you to repair pumps.

Fast turnaround

Speed is often paramount in the pump repairs industry, and you want to ensure that you’re working with a subcontractor that can carry out pump machining and fabrication work quickly, without sacrificing quality. Prime Engineering’s workshop is designed for maximum efficiency. Our computer-assisted equipment makes large pump component refurbishment work a breeze. Furthermore, the floorplan of our workshop is laid out for the easy and secure transferral of large pump parts between machines. You can rest assured that your client’s pump components are in good hands with Prime!

Prime Engineering Large Pump Repair Split Case Pump

Whether you require assistance refurbishing an old pump, or you need to replace or repair pump components, Prime Engineering can help you out. Subcontract large pump component repairs to Prime Engineering and experience reliable, fast and thorough services every time. Contact us today to discuss your latest pump repair job.

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