Why an investment in toolmaking pays off

Why an investment in toolmaking pays off
October 23, 2017 Prime Engineering

When it comes to manufacturing a product, the tools used to make it need to be of the highest quality to ensure that the end result is marketable, and makes you a profit.

Toolmaking is one of the most intricate forms of engineering around, so it goes without saying that you want to make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck. Here are a few reasons why it’s always wise to invest in high-quality toolmaking.


If the tool that is used to manufacture your product is a few nanometres off, that means that every single product produced by it could be faulty, unusable, unsafe and unsellable. Toolmaking needs to be painstakingly accurate. Which is why it’s worth paying a little more to ensure the services you receive are absolutely top notch. Engineers with a solid idea of how things work are a must, but so is an engineer who knows how to design, test and tweak so that you leave with exactly the tool you’re looking for.

Manufactured to your exact needs

Toolmaking isn’t a stock standard process. If you want to ensure that your tools are specifically designed to make the best possible product, it’s vital that they’re created and customised for that exact product. In other words, you wouldn’t try to fit a square peg in a round hole. If you want to get the best functionality out of your product, you want a tool that can be built and revised to continually improve that product.

Extensively tested

An engineer who has designed your tool will know how to test and tweak it to get the most accurate final result. Almost perfect is not an option. A toolmaker who is also an engineer will be able to understand how one tool works in conjunction with many others in a large factory, and assess its purpose in regards to the bigger picture.

More efficient

A tool that is made with attention to detail will work more efficiently. If you’re manufacturing a product in massive quantities, it’s vital that each tool in that process does its job quickly and accurately. A tool that has been designed for a specific purpose will carry out that purpose at optimum performance. And if that tool starts to lag over time, it can be taken back to its maker to be serviced and improved.


Precision toolmaking also means that tools are made from high-quality, sturdy materials. Attention is paid to every weld and joint for assured longevity. Stock standard tools often lack this detailed craftsmanship and as a result, break or crack within a matter of years. A faulty tool stalls production time, halting cash flow and interrupting important deadlines.

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