Home Activities for the Engineering-Minded

Home Activities for the Engineering-Minded
April 17, 2020 Prime Engineering

Many of us are currently spending all of our time at home. Whether you are with your family or on your own, you may be itching to do something productive or interesting. At Prime Engineering we love to dive into engineering both in and out of the office, so we have put together a list of fun projects you can do with home items to pass the time.

Ultrasonic testing calibration blocks are vital to accurate testing procedures.

Build an Electric Skateboard

This project requires you to have both engineering AND skateboarding skills. Building your own electric skateboard is both fun and challenging, we recommend this project to those who have a good level of hands-on experience with a range of tools. Using an electric drill and a combination of other tools will have you rolling in no time. Find the tutorial here.

Put Together a Hydraulic Excavator Toy

If you have kids, this is one that is sure to excite them. Making a hydraulic excavator toy is a great way to pass the time and then have the fun of a new toy afterward! For this project, you will need old syringes (minus the needle of course) to act as mini hydraulic pistons. This project is a great way to explain simple engineering principles to the little ones while they have fun with their new cool toy. Watch the full tutorial here.

Ultrasonic testing calibration blocks are vital to accurate testing procedures.

Make a spare house key

Having a spare key is always important in case of emergencies and this quick project will help you make one without a trip to the shops. You can make one yourself with items every house has lying around; sturdy scissors, clear tape, the top of a metal can, a lighter and the key you want to be copied. Find the full instructions here.

Build a phone charger

The last thing you need right now is for the power to go out and no way to charge your phone. But just in case, you may as well have a backup. This fun project uses the law of thermodynamics to create a candle powered phone charger. You will need a Peltier device, a catering candle, equipment to make a small stand and a few connecting wires. Find the tutorial here!

Make your own Voice-Activated Speaker

Many people have voice-activated speakers in their home like Amazon Echo and Google Home. These are useful and modern tools you can now make on your own and learn exactly how it works in the process. This DIY doesn’t require spare parts lying around the house, rather it comes in a kit! Find out more here.

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