5 Things for Project Managers to Remember When Hiring Engineers

5 Things for Project Managers to Remember When Hiring Engineers
October 23, 2017 Prime Engineering

With over 29 years of experience working with highly qualified engineers and project managers, we know a thing or two about the importance of choosing the right people for the job. Don’t waste time, money or resources by hiring the wrong engineers. Get the right engineering firm for your project right from the start.

Here are the 5 most common things for project managers to remember when hiring engineers:

#1 Try not to make cost the top priority.

We understand that you’re working on a budget and cost is a large factor in your project. However, it’s also important to consider creative thinking and innovation. Sometimes projects can run into logistical and complex challenges, and hiring an engineer with basic engineering qualifications may save you money initially, but can end up being more expensive in the long run. For example, if your engineer always does things the same way, you may find that you need to hire extra professionals to fix issues when things go beyond their comfort zone.

A good engineer is one who can think outside of the box and solve problems on the fly. Our top tip? Hire engineers that can provide examples of previous projects that required innovative solutions.

#2 Don’t assume all engineering companies are the same.

Rushing into hiring engineers after making one phone call is not a good idea. Firstly, you’re assuming all engineering firms are the same. This is not the case; there levels of expertise and resources can vary significantly. You need to make an educated decision by visiting offices, reviewing portfolios, talking to past clients, asking the right questions and more. Once you have that information, you’re in a much better position to make a decision.

#3 Research their experience.

An engineering firm’s experience is often overlooked by project managers who want a quick fit. But not taking the time to research their background and experience can lead to complications further down the track. Always go with a firm who can understand your specific requirements and who has the years of experience behind them to know what they’re doing. Again, reviewing previous projects, talking to past clients and reviewing websites will give you the information you need.

#4 Don’t hire an engineering company with cheap equipment and outdated technology.

Nothing will make a project fail faster than using equipment and technology that isn’t up to date. If your project entails highly complex design and analysis, then the engineers you hire will need to use the latest design tools and applications to implement this and avoid pitfalls. The equipment and technology used should keep the project moving, not hinder it.

#5 Find out what their design process is like.

An experienced engineering firm will understand the challenges specific to your industry and have the ability to keep projects on track, set realistic time frames, and keep an eye on your budget. Ask questions such as how they manage a project, what their communication style is and if they set milestones and how these are measured.

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