5 Fun Facts From Your Local Brisbane CNC Machining Team!

5 Fun Facts From Your Local Brisbane CNC Machining Team!
February 19, 2019 Prime Engineering

Many people think CNC machining is all about really intense mathematics and computer programming. While these skills are necessary to get a job done, there is also loads of fun that can be had with CNC machines!

At Prime Engineering, our team may conduct serious CNC machining in Brisbane, but we also like to stay on top of groundbreaking new discoveries worldwide. Lots of exciting things are going on in the CNC machining industry, and this skill is beginning to gain the recognition that it deserves. Here are a few of our favourite new facts about precision machining. They inspire us to stay up to date with new processes and technological advancements when conducting our own Brisbane CNC machining services.

Prime Engineering | 5 Fun Facts From Your Local Brisbane CNC Machining Team!

1. CNC machines work non-stop, 24/7!

Did you know that CNC machines never get tired? They can be kept running 24/7, with only occasional downtime for maintenance. The CNC machines in our Brisbane workshop work continuously so that clients can receive parts, components and products faster!

2. Learning to use a CNC machine can be a bit like playing a computer game

When CNC machinists undergo training, part of it is carried out using virtual software which allows the operator to practice using a CNC machine on a computer. It’s a bit like playing a computer game – way more entertaining than pouring over textbooks!

3. Elon Musk’s SpaceX program is looking for CNC machinists as we speak

That’s right, one of the most cutting edge programs in operation right now is looking for CNC machinists. CNC machining is actually integral to the manufacturing of aerospace parts. You can understand why the utmost precision needs to be guaranteed for spacecraft parts making the 225 million kilometre journey from Earth to Mars, can’t you? Some of our team here at Prime have been tempted to sign up for the job, but it’s a long way from Brisbane to Mars, and hey, someone has to stay on earth and do the hard yards.

Prime Engineering | 5 Fun Facts From Your Local Brisbane CNC Machining Team!

4. You can create a perfectly balanced yoyo with a CNC machine

Anyone who grew up in the 80s and 90s will get a little thrill remembering the fleeting fad of the yoyo. Many of us could ‘walk the dog,’ do the ‘elevator’ or maybe even the ‘creeper.’ But one thing was for certain; you needed a well-balanced yoyo to have a fighting chance at mastering any of these tricks! The good news is, with CNC machines, you can now fabricate the most precisely weighted and balanced yoyo so that you can become a yoyo pro. And you thought CNC machining was only used for things like super important aerospace parts…

5. CNC machining has its very own reality TV show!

The world of CNC machining has its own reality TV show, and it really is a showstopper! Titans of CNC is an American CNC machining company that have more than a handful of big-name clients under their belts, including SpaceX, Aerojet and Blue Origin. Their reality TV show covers everything from carrying out jobs in the workshop to travelling internationally for custom projects. Titans of CNC machine parts for NASCAR racing cars, aeroplanes, deep-sea diving equipment, 3D printers, space labs and more. It’s all a little rockstar, and a whole load of fun to watch.

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