5 Amazing BIG machines

5 Amazing BIG machines
May 30, 2019 Prime Engineering

We’ve compiled these top 5 amazing machines to showcase how far technology has advanced, and that with enough money, anything is possible. These machines would have once defied the odds of what was thought to be achievable in productivity.

Prime Engineering is Brisbane’s premier heavy metal machining workshop, with over 29 years experience in the mechanical engineering trade, and even we are in awe of these! Have a look for yourself at how awesome these are!

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If you remember when you were young and heard the term ‘to move mountains’, this is the machine that coined that term. The Liebherr R9800 is the largest mining excavator in the world. It is driven by twin v16 engines, with each engine putting out 1492Kw. This means this mammoth machine is housing around 4000hp under its skin and will churn through 20,000L of diesel fuel when it’s operating at full tilt. It will support 810 tonnes of load lifting and is known as a reliable, high productivity machine.

This is the drilling rig that makes any surface look like soft butter, featuring an engine that can make anywhere from 1500Hp to 3000Hp depending on the surface it will be drilling. The drilling depth of the Desert Rig is over 9Km deep. Yes, you read that right, it will drill 9194 metres before it’s unable to go any deeper. The unique design allows the drilling rig to essentially be folded down when not in use, so it is easily transported to different locations. Prime Engineering specialises in heavy metal machinery maintenance and we’d love to help you out if you have any machinery similar to this.

Loram specialises in the maintenance and production of railways, which is no surprise when you see what this machine is used for. The Cutting Machine is used to clean and undercut railway tracks, to ensure they’re free from rocks and other debris so the trains using them arrive safely at their destinations. The Loram is known for its ability to increase ROI and the safety level at which it operates.

This hybrid excavator uses an innovative mix of diesel and electric equipment. The electrical motors are responsible for basic movements such as lifting, turning and pressure. This CX model is able to lift 65 tonnes, meaning it can fully load a 240-tonne dump truck in 4 passes. The car houses an engine with an output of more than 3200Hp for when it requires some serious grunt to get going. During the loading cycle, the fuel is switched off to extend the life of the engine and save power.

This dump truck is the bully of the mining schoolyard. It can carry a minimum of 450 tonnes of mined rock which means it’s the biggest of the bunch. The body houses 2 diesel generators, 4 wheel electric motors and 8 tyres, and pumps out a massive 4600Hp. Both engines are utilised when the truck is carrying the load, but when it is driving the retrieve a load, only one engine is working, meaning that fuel is saved wherever possible.

If you’ve got a heavy metal machining job you need to be taken care of, we are the best in this business. Contact Prime Engineering today!

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