Maintenance & Pump Repair


Extend the life of your equipment.
Do it once and
do it right.

We get it – downtime is costly. That’s why our workshop is uniquely equipped to respond quickly to repair or rebuild your broken down equipment. We can get you up and running again, in the quickest possible time.

Our workshop allows us to offer a one-stop-shop service including:

  • Maintenance on all sorts of machinery found in a diverse range of industries.
  • Equipment repairs, including disassembly, replacement of parts, fixing worn or broken components and reassembly.
  • Preventative maintenance, including inspections and evaluation of parts and machines to mitigate your risks.
  • Equipment overhauls, including redesigning machinery so it functions better, lasts longer and saves you time and money in the long-run.

Extend the life of your machinery and tools, and reap the rewards of a durable and reliable piece of equipment that will give you many more years of service.



Specialist pump repairs and pump rebuilding

Over a long period of time, pumps get worn out and need to be discarded. However, don’t be too hasty! At Prime Engineering, our engineers have years of experience in how to repair or renew components.

We use state-of-the-art technology to get your pump performing as good as new again. In fact, once they’re refurbished, by us, pumps often last longer than the original manufacturer!

We believe that the world should recycle more, so we can save our resources and the environment. That’s why we believe in refurbishment.